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Koh Chang is so much more than just white sand, turquoise sea and unbroken blue skies. There are many fun and exciting things to do and see while you are visiting Koh Chang. We have selected some of Koh Chang's more popular Tours, Fun Activities and Day Trips for you to enjoy. Snorkeling and Diving around the islands in the south to Elephant Trekking and Jungle Walks in the dense jungle and rain forests. While some activities you can plan on your own others are more convenient and cost effective if you book one of the organised tours.

5 Tropical Islands by Speed Boat

This popular speedboat tour visits 5 tropical islands in the Koh Chang National Marine Park. You will have the opportunity to explore some of the neighboring islands and their beautiful corals and marine life and beaches. Leaving from the marina at Kai Bae you will travel to the islands of Koh hong Rang, Koh Rang, Koh Nok, Koh Yak and finally the beautiful island of Koh Wai. When travelling back to Koh Chang you will also stop to see the monkeys on the rocks at Bai Lan. Activities on the tour include snorkeling & swimming in the clear island waters, exploring the tropical islands and their wildlife. Sunbathing & photography are also popular. A traditional Thai picnic lunch accompanied, fresh fruits and light refreshments will be served on one of the island beaches at lunch time. The islands of Koh Rang and Koh Wai both have beautiful, scenic beaches for you to explore or just relax in the sun and take in the beautiful views.

Koh Chang Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is something most people only dream of doing. Some how only a few people actually pursue this dream. At Oasis Sea World in the picturesque coastal town of Laem Singin, Chanthaburi. Your dream can easily be turned into reality. Oasis Sea World covers a total area of more than 68 Rai (27 acres). There are 2 main basins for the dolphins. The first is used for the hourly dolphin shows and the second is used to train new dolphins and facilitate the 'Swim with the Dolphins' program. The back end of the training pool is where you will find the breeding areas. Both the pink dolphins as well as the Irrawaddy dolphins are indigenous to Thailand, but their numbers are rapidly declining due to excessive droughts and fishing net related accidents. The park has its own restaurant with sufficient choices of tasty Thai dishes, a good choice of refreshments and other beverages on sale. Meals are served until the last show has finished at 18:00.

Koh Chang Tree Tops Adventure Park

A sensational way of enjoy Koh Chang's lush jungle and forests. Tree Tops Adventure Park in the South of Koh Chang contains an assortment of games such as rope bridges, tarzan swings, flying skateboards, and giant zip lines. From one platform to the next, from tree to tree, Balancing yourself as you go. Tree Tops adventure course is divided into an easy course and challenging course. Altogether, there are over 30 obstacles in a beautiful hill-side area by the sea. No matter how old you are, our course is designed so that everyone can participate. In over 2 hours of fun and excitement. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and work out!

Koh Chang Snorkeling

Snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Koh Chang Marine National Park where the water is always clear and there is an abundance of fish and coral and other wildlife to be seen. Leaving from the fishing village of Bang Bao in the south of Koh Chang. The boat will head south to the islands of Koh Thong Lang, Koh Rung, Koh Loan and finally beautiful island of Koh Wai. The boat will stop for about 1 hour at each of the four islands and you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel or go exploring on some of Koh Chang's exotic tropical islands. A traditional Thai lunch of chicken curry with rice or a vegetarian alternative, fresh fruits and light refreshments are served on board when travelling between islands of Koh Rang and Koh Loan.

Koh Chang Sightseeing

Exploring Koh Chang, one of the most practical ways to and see all the attractions is by taking one of our guided sightseeing tours. Our Sightseeing Tour gives you the opportunity to see some of Koh Chang's many sites of natural beauty, visit some of the more popular tourist attractions and stop along the way to take photos from some of the many scenic view points. Our professional, English speaking, guides offer extensive information about the people, history and culture of Koh Chang and will ensure that you get see everything there is to see on Koh Chang. Our Sightseeing Tour gives you the opportunity to see some of Koh Chang's many sites of natural beauty, visit some of the more popular tourist attractions and stop along the way to take photos from some of the many scenic view points.

Koh Chang Kontiki Island Cruise

This luxury Island Cruise will take you past more than 15 islands in the Koh Chang National Marine Park. The Cruise stops at 4 islands where you can enjoy some great snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing in the tropical atmosphere. This is spectacular day out includes an all day gourmet menu of breakfast, lunch, early and late afternoon snacks. For your enjoyment we have a fully equipped cocktail bar serving all your favourite cocktails and many other popular alcoholic drinks. Espresso is also available for extra charge. The fully equipped Kontiki pleasure cruiser and her professional crew will ensure that your island cruise will be remembered, as one of the highlights of you holiday on Koh Chang. Kontiki is 22 meters long with 1 upper and lower 2 decks. The boat is also equipped with all the latest navigational equipment, GPS System, echo sounder and marine radio to ensure your safety.

Koh Chang Jungle Trekking (south)

Walking on Koh Chang in the jungle near to Bang Bao fishing village. This hidden natural paradise is the spectacular tropical rainforest of Koh Chang. Along the way there will be many opportunities to view Koh Chang's plant & wildlife. The rainforest on Koh Chang is home to a variety of animals; monkeys, birds, tarantula spider's, lizards and snakes. You will have the opportunity to stop at one of the inland waterfalls for a swim and lunch.

Koh Chang Jungle Trekking (north)

Nature lovers will love Koh Chang's waterfalls, jungle walks and beautiful scenery. Koh Chang's unspoiled forests are home to various species of birds, parrots, sun birds and hornbills all in habit the island. Koh Chang is an ideal place for jungle trekking and forest walks, due to its mountainous geography it offers some breathtaking scenery both inland and from the mountain tops. Trekking Klong Son this is a new and trek starting with a jungle trek and walking to up to 500 meters from one side of the mountain to the other.

Koh Chang ATV Tour

Drive along Koh Chang's dirt roads and forest trails and explore the natural beauty of Koh Chang. Learn about the island's environment and discover local plants & animals you never knew existed. Located in Chai Chet, just south of White Sands Beach, Koh Chang Off Road ATV Tour has access to a large area of land between the main road and the ocean. You will have the chance to visit some spectacular viewpoints in the Chai Chet area and have the opportunity to visit many remote beaches and places few other people have been. Before your ATV Tour starts our trained instructor will make sure you are familiar with your Vehicle, as safety is of utmost importance. This short instruction will ensure that your ride on Koh Chang is safe, comfortable and fun.

Koh Chang Island Hopping

Koh Chang is surrounded by a number of other islands to the south. All of which offer a relaxing tropical atmosphere, with beautiful sandy beaches and great snorkeling and some stunning sunsets in the evenings. Bang Bao Boat operate a daily service from Bang Bao in the south of Koh Chang to the islands of Koh Wai, Koh Kham, Koh Mak, Koh Rayang and Koh Kood. The service caters for visitors travelling to the islands to stay in one of the many resorts or for those planning a day trip. For those travelling on a half day trip a snorkel and mask can be provided. Lunch can also be taken in any of the resorts on the beach, making this a great day out.

Koh Chang Fishing Tour

Sea Hunter fishing tour is undoubtedly the best fishing experience on Koh Chang. Offering a first class service which includes a delicious freshly caught seafood meal with seasoned fruit and drinks. Their boat the Julia White is 20 meters in length and 6 meters wide and is both a fishing and cruise boat combined. To ensure your safety she is equipped with the latest navigational gadgets, GPS fish finder and radio communications. The Julia White has a large engine, a cruising speed of 12 knots and a fuel capacity of 1,500 litres. She was specifically designed for fishing the Asian waters and is meticulously maintained by the expert Captain and crew. On board she has comfortable seating, air conditioning, a large kitchen and a big dining table to cook up your catch. There is also an electric toilet and shower. Once on board you have the choice sitting on the upper or lower decks.

Koh Chang Elephant Trekking

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp is located on the islands of Koh Chang in the northern forests. The Elephant Camp is a sanctuary for elephants which live there. Ban Kwan Chang currently have about 10 Elephants of varying ages and personalities. Visiting the Elephant Camp you will have the chance to experience the life of the elephant in a natural environment. Elephants are lead by a or elephant keeper or mahout. You will find out that there keepers show a deep devotion and respect to their elephants. It becomes immediately obvious that an elephant on a trek is a happy elephant. This is because they have access to plants and food they would not normally have at the elephant camp. You can expect to stop at numerous points during your trek of Koh Chang's northern jungle, so the elephants can feed on the foliage.

Koh Chang Diving Courses

Koh Chang has a number of different dive sites to explore especially in and around the islands in the Koh Chang National Marine Park to the south. We have daily Diving Trips leaving from Koh Chang and offer a number of different Dive Courses. All Dive groups are lead by a Dive Master and we dive in small groups. Full equipment is included. A camera can be hired or we can provide you the pictures of your diving day on cd. Snorkellers get full equipment, there is a snorkel briefing before you enter the water and a local snorkel guide to show you the best spots. We stop for lunch between sites, either on the boat or on one of the near by tropical beaches. Diving and snorkeling is done from the same boat, 80% of the dive sites around Koh Chang are also very good for snorkeling.

Koh Chang Thai Cooking School

Whether Thai food is your favourite, cooking is a hobby or maybe your just curios. There is no better way to learn how to sizzle up your favourite Thai dishes, than by taking a Thai Cooking Course. Koh Chang Cooking School provide Thai Cooking Courses in an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most other hotels and restaurants. We offer a variety of fun and educational classes that will teach you how to create popular Thai dishes and how to carve fruits & vegetables. Why not come and Join us and make your vacation on Koh Chang a culinary adventure. Learning the essential skills and techniques you can use in everyday cooking. All of our courses are taught by an experienced and qualified Thai chief.