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Ao Nang is a central point of the coastal province of Krabi, Thailand. The town consists chiefly of a main street, which is dominated by restaurants, pubs, shops and other commerce aimed at tourists. The main beach is used by sunbathers to a certain extent, but there are a large number of long-tail boats which offer access to other beaches on the mainland and on nearby islands. Attractions There are a number of scuba diving centers, most of which offer basic diving courses. The islands outside Ao Nang are relatively easy to access and uncrowded compared to many of the diving sites around Phi Phi Island. Climbing is another activity widely available through centers in Ao Nang, although most of the climbs are actually in the areas around the Railay, Tonsai and Phra Nang beaches. The main beach at Ao Nang is the main departure point for boats to a number of places, including the nearby resort of Railay (or Rai Leh), which cannot be accessed by road, Poda Island and Chicken Island.

Four Island Tours

Take a boat trip to paradise, Snorkel, swim and just soak in the sun and the unbeatable beauty. Just off the coast of Krabi at Ao Nang, the 4 Islands are the most convenient, easiest and cheapest way to get a true idea of what a tropical Island is. The Four Krabi Islands including Koh Gai (chicken Island, named because, believe it or not, it is shaped like a chicken) are amongst the most photographed locations in Thailand and really are a must see. We have many guests who come back year after year and repeat this tour over and over again, and each time they enjoy it more and more. Whether you go by speedboat or longtails, this is one Krabi Tour that you will never get bored of. The 4th "Island" is not actually an Island, It's Pranang Cave at Railay beach. But, everyone knows this as the 4 Island tour for some reason ...

Krabi Ride & Raft

Krabi Ride and Raft has to be one of the best places for rafting and ATV in Asia The location in Phang Na is stunningly beautiful, surrounded by mountain scenery it would be fantastic even just as a viewpoint. White water rafting The rafting takes place at an old Thai tin mine. The river that was once used to clean the ore has now been given a new lease of life. Using a dam at top of the mountain, the water is held back and released once a day to create some amazing white water rapids. The advantage of this is that it is very predictable, every day that has the same volume of water will create the same rapids. The staff who ride in the boats use this knowledge to make your ride down the mountain a memorable one while still being incredibly safe. They know exactly when to paddle, when to lean and when to kick off the banks to get maximum thrills.

Krabi Kayak Tour - Ao Thalane

Kayaking is one of Krabi's favorite passtimes. Ao Thalane or Thalane Bay is one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in the whole of Thailand. About 20km from Krabi Town this section of the coast is covered in dense foliage that wraps all the caves cliffs and amazing shaped Karsts. This area of Krabi is perfect for cruising around in a Kayak. The small inlets, caves and hidden lagoons can be discovered on this kayaking tour, the shade from the jungle all around you keeping it cool. Krabi's coastline is an amazing sight, to actually get to paddle a kayak around it is a very memorable experience. The famous Karst mountains provide the backdrop for this area with its complex network of channels than meander through the dense mangrove.

Hong Island Tours

Hong Island is perhaps the most amazing rock Island in the area. There are so many inlets, caves and bizarre rock formations to see. The BBC recently called this " The Best beach in Asia " and wrote a report about it. Click on the title to have a read. The water around the Island is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling and swimming. The shallows are full of colourful fish Our speed boat tour to Hong Island is a perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation. Speed across the Andaman Sea and then spend the day snorkeling and sightseeing. You will have a tour guide with you the whole time. The Long-tail version is a slightly more sedate trip, but the feel of being on a long-tail really does add something to the atmosphere that should be experienced.

Longtail boat Charter to the Hong Islands

The Hong group of Islands are the slightly less famous cousins of the famous 4 Island group. A little further up the coast and a little further away from busy Aonang, the group of Isands around Hong Island are just that little bit quieter but no less beautiful. Hong Island itself has a laggon actually cut into the center of the Island with steep cliff walls reaching up all around creating a quite magical effect. For those looking to take the time to really explore the Island, there are kayak's for private rental on the Island. The kayaks are two/three seat kayaks and are available on most days for 500thb per kayak. Please let us know in advance and we can reserve them for you.

Rock Climbing - Railay

Railay Peninsula is world famous for many things but none more so than rock climbing. The best Climbers in the world have been making the journey as almost a pilgrimage for years, seeking out new routes among the never ending cliff faces. It has long been regarded as one of the most popular things to do in Krabi. All ages can join in as there are climbs for every age range, even children from 5 years old up will really love this. Some of the most challenging climbs are only 3 or 4 metres high and with the harnesses everything is as safe possible. Children love to climb and will probably beat you to the top. This is one thing that parents and children really can do together as equals.

Krabi to Phi Phi Islands by Speedboat Tour

The most famous Krabi tour. Just off the coast of Krabi, The Phi Phi Islands are the best known of the Andaman Islands. The Islands started off as the main Andaman destination on the travellers trail more then 30 years ago. In those days the Island really was just a few bamboo huts on the beach. Then of course the 2000 film "The Beach" was filmed there which gave the Islands incredible world wide exposure and opened them up as one of the world's most desireable holiday destinations. Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le are the largest and only populated islands. Phi Phi Don is 28 sqkm: 8 km in length and 3.5 km wide. Phi Phi Le is 6.6 km in Length.

Elephant Trek

Elephants are awesome. Get upclose and personal with one of the world's largest animals. Elephants have been a part of Krabis history for longer than tourism. Krabi itself started life as a Camp to catch wild elephants and put them to work in the towns on the East Coast and Bangkok. Elephants were used like modern tractors and in some inaccessible places, they still are used for dragging logs. They were also used in wars and were and still are highly revered. Your Krabi elephant trek begins when you arrive at the Elephant Camp and get to meet your elephant. If this is the first time you have seen an elephant really close up, take the time to take in the sheer scale of the animals, they are massive. But, even though they are so big, you can instantly sense just how gentle these giants are.

Ao Thalane Sunset BBQ Dinner

Krabi's Ao Thalane or Thalane Bay is one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in the whole of Thailand. The famous Karst mountains provide the backdrop for this area with its complex network of channels that meander through the dense mangrove. Get to enjoy the scenery, find hidden lagoons and paddle into caves, the area is full of hidden gems. Krabi Kayaking tours are a great way to just cool down for a day and enjoy leisurely paddling around. The exercise is not really strenuous and even young kids enjoy it. Everyone has a life jacket on at all times and most of the boats are two seaters. Kayaking at Thalane Bay Krabi With most of the kayaking tours, you do your Kayaking and then go back to your hotel. This is the difference.

Sightseeing Tours - Emerald Pool, Hot Springs and Tiger Cave

People come to Krabi for the beach and the Islands, but there is so much more. The Karste mountains rise just as dramatically out of the land as they do the sea creating some amazing sights. The Emerald Pool, the Hot springs and Tiger Cave Temple are experiences that should come high on the list of places to visit in Krabi. You can experience all of them and even include an elephant trek in just one day. Krabi really is so much more than just a beach!

Fishing Tours

For game fishing lovers, Krabi really is a paradise. Sit back and relax as you are taken through spectacular scenery to Fishing Point. Here you can fish with hand lines or rods. The guides are experts on where to find the best fish and with their help, you can expect to catch anything from small, tasty mackerel to larger trevally, king fish or even barracuda. The boats are all well equipped with fishing equipment, life jackets and refreshments. The Andaman Sea has some of the best fishing in Southeast Asia and has a wide diversity of species for Sport fishing. Calm seas and excellent weather it one of the best fishing and most enjoyable places for fishing in Asia. Best months for fishing in the Andamans from November to May. Then enjoy lunch (perhaps your own Barracuda) on the boat, have a swim or a snorkel before the afternoons fishing session. Then, fully relaxed you'll return to your hotel.

Tree Top Adventure Park

The best activity tour in Krabi. From one platform to another from tree to tree. Balance yourself through an assortment of games such as rope bridges, flying bicycle, air surf, flying skateboards and giant zip lines. This is just incredibly good fun and truly quite challenging. Just look around and marvel at the scenery as you swing from treetop to tree top. Krabi treetop adventure is well designed and more fun than any theme park. Krabi activity at the Treetop adventure park

Gokart and Paintball

Take a break from relaxing by the beach and get a dose of adrenalin. Krabi's new go-kart track has been designed and built by enthusiasts to the highest standards of safety and performance.The track is one km long, high quality tarmac and weaves literally around one of Krabi's mountains. The corners are challenging enough even for the most experienced drivers. Paint Ball The new paintball arena is a great place to let off come steam. With all new equipment and a large area with lots of obstacles and hiding places, even larger groups can have a great time. Overalls and face masks are provided to ensure safety.

Bicycle Tours

Half Day Krabi waterfall cycling Distance: 26 km (16 miles) This half day Krabi waterfall cycling tour is a great choice if you like outdoor adventure. The tour will give you a very good impression of what's around Krabi, the culture, rural life and beautiful scenery with a fantastic waterfall. This cycling tour is ideal for those people with intermediate abilities and people who have an interest in cycling. Half Day Krabi and Aonang cycling tour Distance : 27 km (17 miles) This tour is designed for sightseeing around the Ao-nang region and to learn about the local area with your local guide. In the morning you will get some good exercise by bicycle and fresh air. This Krabi cycling tour is ideal for all ability levels and those who have an interest in cycling.

Snorkelling at Krabi Islands

Snorkeling Trips in the Andaman These snorkeling trips are run by a professional scuba diving company. The guides are at least trained to rescue diver qualification and know the waters really well. This means that not only is it safe, you'll also get to see far more than you would snorkeling on just a standard 4 Island or Phi Phi Trip. Krabi Island snorkel sunset trip. The sunset trip is particularly special. You get to snorkel the Krabi Islands after all the group tours have left for the day and the fish have come out to play!

James Bond Island Tour

The James Bond Island tour takes place in the amazing Phangna Bay. The Island that gives the tour its James Bond name is actually called Ko Tapu and is a 20 metre high rock formation that was used as the backdrop to some scenes in the movie, "The man with the Golden Gun". This movie, despite being shot nearly forty years ago in 1974, is still drawing many people to Phangna Bay. The Area, being a National Park is still just as beautiful and has hardly changed in all those years. (see the picture's one was taken this year and the other (the one with Roger Moore and Christopher Lee looking rather young) was from 1974.

Kayak Tour - Ban Bor Thor

Ban Bor Thor is an area about a 40 minute minibus ride north of Krabi and Ao Nang. The area is a National Park in which there is a complex system of rivers, inlets and limestone caves. This area is one of the earliest sites of human occupation in Thailand and is rich in archaeological treasures, artifacts and cave drawings. Many of these caves are only accessible by Kayak. This Krabi Kayak tour will show you all these features and so much more.As well as the archaeological attraction, the area really is just a beautiful place to spend some time paddling down the narrow channels between the mangroves.Travelling this silently you will get to see all the wildlife that inhabits the water and banks, many brightly colored birds, and even otters.

Khao Sok National Park Rainforest Safari

Khao Sok National Park is Thailand as it always was. One of the largest areas of unspoiled rain-forest in Asia. The area is home to thousands of species of animals, trees and plants that exist nowhere else. The National Park area has been protected from any sort of development by the fact that the only access to a large part of it is by boat and the only accommodation in the Park is, to be honest, rather primitive. But its this that has allowed the park to retain its unspoiled beauty and even the raft house accommodation in itself has a charm that makes this trip an experience of a lifetime. Where else in the world can you truly escape the modern world? Khao Sok really is one of the most remote places on Earth.

Krabi Island Scuba Experience

Experience the real beauty of the Andaman Sea in a totally new way. People come to Krabi to see the beauty of the Andaman, but most only see a very small part of it. What happens under the surface of the water is even more beautiful and remarkable than anything above it. Our Krabi Island Scuba Experience gives you a true taste of what this underwater world is like. (just one warning, scuba diving is highly addictive, once tried, never forgotten.)

Bamboo Island Tour

It takes around 45 minutes to arrive at Bamboo Island, a really beautiful Island which is part of the Phi Phi Island group. "Hundred Thousands coral fame jungle" is at the northern part of Phi Phi Don. There is a coral reef spreading along just off the beach of the Island,and there is a very beautiful white sand beach around the island with gorgeous shades of flora. The bamboo island is the ideal island, for relaxing on the white sand beach and snorkeling with many colorful fish in the crystal sea water and abundant coral, and strolling around the island. Bamboo island will be in your memory forever.

Ao Luek ATV Adventure

Have a blast driving through Krabi countryside on an ATV. There are different routes to suit all levels making the ATV riding as challenging as you can manage. The routes take you through rubber and palm plantations and real Krabi countryside so you can even do a bit of sightseeing as you go. If you have never driven an ATV before you will be given instructions on how to drive before setting off and everyone gets a safety briefing before getting onto the machines. Helmets are provided.

Krabi 4 Island Sunset BBQ

Sunset BBQ @ Krabi 4 Island by Longtail boat Enjoy snorkeling off Krabi's stunning white-sand beaches. Experience crystal clear water and spectacular scenery under the backdrop of a painted sunset. After the other tourists have left you'll love this magical place, waves lapping gently as the sun goes down. The water is at bath temperature and just begs to be swam in.

Krabi Horse Riding

Krabi Horse Riding on the Beach Located right on Ao Nam ao Beach not far from Ao nang, this is a perfect location for horse riding. The beach is usually very quiet apart from local fishermen and a few women searching for crabs. For riding horses this really is the perfect place. Whether you are an experienced horse rider or a first timer, this is a great experience. Just riding along the beach kicking up the surf is just one of those unforgettable experiences.

Longtail boat Charter to 4 Island

No trip to Krabi would be complete without a trip to the 4 Islands. Lie back on a tropical beach as the waves of the Andaman lap over your toes. Lean back and get an eyeful of the amazing Karst mountains. Then, after a while, get up, pick up mask and snorkel and wander into the bath temperature crystal clear sea, and let yourself drift on the surface and allow yourself to be amazed by the underwater world. Thousands of fish of all colours, gorgeous coral and starfish can be found even in the shallows here. When you have had your fill of this amazing Island life, just get up, wander over to your private boat and be transported to yet another magical Island where you can enjoy a packed lunch and a drink, perhaps stopping midway for a bit of deep sea snorkeling.

Aonang Thai Cooking School

Ya's Thai Cookery School was the first Cooking school to be set up in the Ao Nang area. She has been a professional chef and Thai cuisine master since 1983 and was awarded a diploma in food nutrition from Rajamangala Institute having trained for 2 years at the Siam International Hotel in Bangkok. Following her training, she spent the next years practicing her art in a variety of International restaurants in Asia and Europe. Thai Cuisine everyone knows how great Thai food is and the chances are, if you are planning on a trip within Thailand, then food is going to play a huge part in your experience. Whether you are familiar with Thai food or this is going to be your first time, some basic knowledge about Thai food can only enhance the experience.